Peter Panagiotopoulos
Peter Panagiotopoulos

Peter Panagiotopoulos

Years of professional experience?

Year that you started the iCAN program

  • 2022

What was your major and background?

Research/Engagement Experience

What are your interests within computer science?
My interests in Computer Science include software engineering and architecture. Also interested in AI and data analytics/DS.

Project Title

How did you get interested in Computer Science?
Got interested in computer science during my undergraduate tenure when I was exposed to Python and heavy use of Matlab in my Bioengineering classes.

What social interests matter to you?

What is your most impactful iCAN experience?
I have impactful experiences every week in iCAN when I or others in the program ask for help in our discord and everyone is always excited, friendly and willing to drop what they are doing at that moment to help you out in any way they can. It is impactful as I am constantly reminded of the amazing community we have built.

What are your hobbies/outside interests?
I play two instruments, the bass guitar and the Greek Bouzouki. I play basketball and tennis with friends in my free time.

Where are you from?
Orland Park, southwest suburb of Chicago