Jeptha Davenport
Jeptha Davenport

Jeptha Davenport

Years of professional experience?

Year that you started the iCAN program

  • 2022

What was your major and background?
Philosophy, Medicine, Medical Humanities

Research/Engagement Experience

What are your interests within computer science?
My overarching interest in computer science is to use computational skills to understand and mimic how brains (on Earth, roughly divided between invertebrate and vertebrate) work! We have lots of data on one end, and lots of computer architectural and software possibilities on the other.

Project Title

How did you get interested in Computer Science?
I was interested as a kid (I know some BASIC!) and liked working on math and computer programming problems as an adult, always sensing there is a lot more to learn.

What social interests matter to you?
Leaving the planet a better place than I found it--I've got a lot of work to do but we are a big team!

What is your most impactful iCAN experience?
Delving into the use of graph theory to analyze a paper by a colleague on brain networks based on functional imaging studies in humans.

What are your hobbies/outside interests?
I like hiking, reading and (time allowing) games, competitive and cooperative. Most of my time is spent working as a neurologist.

Where are you from?