CS 598 LRW - Port High Perf Comp via DSL

Fall 2019

Port High Perf Comp via DSLCS598LRW72109S1641230 - 1345 T R  1103 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Lawrence Rauchwerger

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Section Description

Portable High Performance Computing means portable performance in time and space. In other words, the performance of programs requiring HPC (resource intensive codes) need to be portable across the main existing architectures and across the machines that will be developed in time. In order not to have to rewrite entire applications to port them across systems we raise the level of abstraction at which programs are written and leave the 'details" of mapping the application onto the architecture to the vendors themselves. One way to achieve portable performance of applications and ease of programming effort is to use a hierarchical system of generic and domain specific libraries. Libraries can be built on top of the existing software development infrastructure, i.e. do not require new compilers, debuggers, etc. performance Libraries have to implement parallel algorithms and programs without requiring the user to deal with the complexities of parallel program execution on a parallel

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