CS 598 DEL - Methods & Algor. in Lg. Graphs

Fall 2021

Methods & Algor. in Lg. GraphsCS598DEL70734E641230 - 1345 T R    Payam Delgosha

Official Description

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Section Description

Title: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms in Large Graphs Description: Many modern data arrives in a form that is best represented by combinatorial structures such as graphs, rather than classical time series. Graphs show up in various examples and applications, ranging from social networks and internet graphs to biological data. Modeling the interaction between objects as a graph allows us to better understand, analyze, and predict the behavior of such networks. Such understanding is crucial in subsequent applications, including but not limited to estimation, learning, data compression, and community detection. The focus of this course is to study mathematical tools to analyze graphs, specifically random graphs as models for large graphical data. We further employ this analysis to discuss several applications such as learning and compression. This is a graduate level course which is open to graduate students with a good level of mathematical maturity and a strong background in probab