CS 598 CLF - Secure Processor Design

Fall 2019

Secure Processor DesignCS598CLF67238S141100 - 1215 W F  1302 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Christopher Wardlaw Fletcher

Official Description

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Section Description

Secure Processor Design and Foundations in Applied Cryptography With the emergence of systems such as ARM Trustzone and Intel Software Guard Extensions, secure processors have become one of the next frontiers in secure systems design. Secure processors allow emerging applications (e.g., computation outsourcing) to be realized with a significantly smaller trusted computing base and/or significantly reduced performance overheads, relative to a "pure software" solution. This course will bring students to the cutting-edge in secure processor architecture by examining the interplay between hardware, software and applied cryptography in these systems. The course day-to-day will be readings and discussion of top papers in the field. Course assignments will give students hands-on experience with the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) SDK, building secure applications and evaluating their security. The end of semester will culminate in an original research project.