CS 537 - Advanced Topics in IoT

Fall 2021

Advanced Topics in IoTCS537K75892OLC41400 - 1515 T R    Klara Nahrstedt

Official Description

Advanced topics in Internet of Things (IoT) algorithms, protocols, architectures, systems, and infrastructures, selected from areas of current research such as: IoT sensors representations and compression, streaming and caching of IoT data, IoT analytics and feature learning, IoT-edge-cloud computing infrastructures, resource optimization for multi-modal IoT systems, applications and human perception of IoT. Students will read and discuss recent research papers and conduct a semester-long research project. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated, if topics vary. Credit towards a degree from multiple offerings of this course is not given if those offerings have significant overlap, as determined by the CS department. Prerequisite: CS 425, CS 438. Additional prerequisites may be specified each term. See section information.