CS 534 - Adv Topics in Comp Arch

Fall 2021

Adv Topics in Comp ArchCS534JT75454LEC41230 - 1345 W F  1131 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Josep Torrellas

Official Description

Current topics in computer architecture, selected from areas of current research such as: energy efficiency, processing in memory, cloud computing, 3-D architectures, security and privacy, hardware and software resiliency, cross-stack design, heterogeneous platforms, approximate computing, mobile computing, machine learning accelerators, and novel computing technologies. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated, if topics vary. Credit is not given towards a degree from multiple offerings of this course, if those offerings have significant overlap, as determined by the CS department. Prerequisite: CS 433. Additional prerequisites or co-requisites may be specified each term. See Class Schedule information.