CS 403

CS 403 - Accel Fund of Algorithms II

Spring 2024

Accel Fund of Algorithms IICS403AF373187ONL31400 - 1515 T R    Yael Gertner

Official Description

The second class in a sequence of two classes that introduces students to the theoretical foundations of computer science. Topics include major paradigms of algorithm design divide and conquer, greedy, recursive, and dynamic programming; solving recurrences and analysis of divide and conquer algorithms; graph algorithms; formal models of computations like finite state automata and Turing machines; reductions. Course Information: No undergraduate credit. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CS 401 or consent of instructor. Current enrollment in the Illinois Computing Accelerator for Non-specialists (iCAN) program or consent of instructor. Restricted to post-baccalaureate students with a non-computing background.