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Office of the Department Head

2232 Siebel Center, (217) 333-3426, Fax: (217) 333-3501,


Nancy M. Amato
Department Head
Aaron R. Darnall
Assistant Head for Administration
Margaret M. Fleck
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Elsa Gunter
Director of Undergraduate Programs
John C. Hart
Director of Online Programs
Robin Hillary Kravets
Director of Graduate Programs
Darko Marinov
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Paris Smaragdis
Associate Head for Infrastructure and Operations
Mahesh Viswanathan
Associate Head for Academics
Tandy Warnow
Associate Head for Research and Faculty Development
Michelle Renee Wellens
Senior Director of Communications & Constituent Engagement
Tiffani L. Williams
Director of Onramp Programs


Tiffany Gail Joyner
Sarah Lauren Krueger
Office Support Associate
Jancie Philippus Harris
BPC Program Coordinator
Amy Marie O'Boyle Simons
Office Administrator
Alayna M. Timbo
Office Support Associate