Hongye Liu
Hongye Liu
Teaching Assistant Professor
(217) 244-0858
2231 Siebel Center for Comp Sci


I joyfully joined the Illinois Department of Computer Science after years of research in Biomedical informatics all in the Boston Longwood Medical area including Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals.

There are two things that I feel very important in my career, one is I think learning is a life long journey, the other is there are always surprises and we must embrace changes. For example when I received my B. E. in Precision Machinery and Instrumentation from the Univ. of Science and Technology of China I didn’t expect at all I would get my PhD from MIT in the area of computer aided design for 3-D Printing— because there was not even AutoCAD in my college years.

After my doctoral studies, I was drawn to the area of Biomedical research due to both my interest in helping cure diseases and my new found faith. In the years I spent in Boston Longwood Area, I have done research in diverse Data Science related areas such as Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biostatistics, and Machine learning.

Over a 4-year period of encountering/interacting with students, reviewing academic works and college teaching, I discovered I feel happiest when I work with undergraduate students and I enjoy teaching undergraduate students and training next generation of computer scientists and data-centered professionals. I am passionate about mentoring undergraduate students and helping undergraduate students do research. My research is focused on understanding the needs of students with disabilities and broadening the participation of students with disabilities. I am currently PI of two projects at the Univ. of Illinois on helping students with disabilities.

Other interests include Biomedical applications that involve large high dimensional data analysis and machine learning and data-driven educational improvement for undergraduate students.

Professional Highlights

  • I have been part of the faculty spotlight demonstrating active learning methods by the SIIP ENGINE project https://publish.illinois.edu/siipcompendium/2021/10/11/faculty-spotlight-hongye-liu/

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

I am looking for undergrad students as research assistants for the projects I lead on helping students with disabilities and implementing UDL based best practices. The projects are: SIIP project "UDL based best practices including utilizing Canvas for the needs of students with disability"; GIANT project "Applying a Theoretical Understanding of Text-Based Learning Modalities To Develop New Course Modalities That Meet the Needs of Student With Disabilities"


  • Tapia 2021 conference panel- "Understanding the Needs of Students with Disabilities based on Universal Design of Learning Principles"
  • Illinois Computer Science Summer Teaching Workshop- "Understanding the needs of students with disabilities — what does data in two semesters of COVID 19 tell us?" Aug 2021 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KJSB90ffd0DrELV9-IoiVfnTNv-i8u2D/view
  • AE3 Collins Scholar talk- "Universal design of learning and its practices -How to begin?" Jan. 2022
  • AE3 tPro2 talk- "Utilizing Canvas to help teach a course with universal design of learning -a few practical strategies" Jan. 2022

Recent Courses Taught

  • CS 361 (STAT 361) - Prob & Stat for Computer Sci