Sarah and Louis Cohen Undergraduate Scholarship

Ira Cohen earned his B.S. in computer science from the University of Illinois in 1981. Ira was vice president of Advanced Systems Concepts, in Schaumburg, Illinois, where he provided productivity tools for midrange IBM systems. The scholarship was established to honor Ira’s grandparents. Scholarship winners are chosen based on academic merit and those who identify as a person from a group underrepresented in the field of computer science.


2021-2022 Cristian Ortiz
2020-2021 Michael McKelvie
2019-2020 Albert Van Valkenburg
2018-2019 Grace Robbins
2017-2018 David Mitchell
2016-2017 Justin Isla
2015-2016 Paul Rosa
2014-2015 Elliott Rodriguez
2013-2014 Cristian Ayala
2012-2013 Daniel Hirschi
2011-2012 Michael Blasingame
2010-2011 Daniel Garcia-Carillo
2009-2010 Antonio Hernandez
Javier Pena
2008-2009 LaDean Clark
Edmund Helaire
Kellie Rios