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2012 Early Career Academic Achievement Alumni Award

Milos Prvulovic
Milos Prvulovic

An associate professor at Georgia Tech, Milos Prvulovic (MS 2001, PhD 2003) is exploring ways to design computer architectures that are more secure and reliable, easier to program, and have better tradeoffs between performance, complexity, and power. Specifically, his research involves hardware mechanisms to protect against physical attacks, untrusted system software, and untrusted system components; as well as perform runtime checks to improve software reliability and identify performance limiters in many-core execution.

One example of his work is a new hardware checkpointing accelerator that should enhance programmers’ productivity and lead to more reliable computer systems. Developed in collaboration with one of his students, Euripus is the first hardware technique to provide consolidation-friendly undo-logs (for bidirectional debugging), to allow simultaneous construction of both undo and redo logs, and to support multi-level checkpointing for error recovery. Euripas may reduce the overall hardware cost, memory use, and performance overheads compared to other checkpointing techniques.

Prvulovic is a senior member of IEEE and ACM.  In 2005, he received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award. In 2010, he received a Hesburgh Teaching Fellowship from Georgia Tech, which is awarded to promote innovative instruction.  In December 2011, Prvulovic was program co-chair for IEEE/ACM MICRO, a top architecture conference.  He is a current member of ACM SIGMICRO’s Executive Committee.