Architecture, Compilers, and Parallel Computing



Architecture and compiler research focuses on hardware designs, programming languages and their compilers for next-generation computers and computing components.

Parallel Computing research includes the entire spectrum, from extreme scale computing to new ways to bring parallel computing to mainstream devices and human-centered applications.


Marc Snir large-scale parallel systems, architecture
Laxmikant Kale numerical, parallel, and scientific computing
Klara Nahrstedt multimedia middleware, QoS, pervasive computing
Sarita Adve parallel computing, architecture, low-power systems
William Gropp parallel computing
Wen-mei Hwu architecture, HPC and parallel systems, compilers
Vikram Adve compilers, software reliability, architecture
Gul Agha distributed systems
David Padua parallel computing, compilers, architecture
Josep Torrellas parallel architectures, reliability
Craig Zilles computer architecture, compilers
Sam King security, OS, virtual machines
Steve Lumetta parallel computing, architecture, reliability
Rakesh Kumar systems and processors
Sanjay Patel architecture, HPC, parallel systems
Maria J. Garzaran compilers, hardware-software interaction


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