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The University of Illinois boasts one of the largest computer science departments in the nation. With a top-tier student body and a broad faculty base, our students have opportunities to explore the full depth and breadth of the computing challenges that lie ahead.

Quick Stats:

1000 Undergraduates
500 Graduate students
Most awarded PhDs of any computer science program in the nation

Illinois CS students are the next generation of researchers, scholars, academicians, and business people. We select individuals for admission into the department who best embrace the standards of excellence our programs promote. A hands-on education at Illinois means our students learn from the best in the classroom and in the laboratory, preparing them for leadership positions in industry.

Odds are, one or more of your company's senior leaders is an Illinois alumnus. CS alumni play a pivotal role in nearly every high-tech company in this country and beyond.

There are many engagement opportunities to explore and we can help you create your recruiting strategy for this year and beyond!

Let's get started by learning more about CS @ Illinois!

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