CS 598 students wrote software for driverless cars provided by AutonomouStuff.

Class gives CS students a chance to program an actual autonomous vehicle

September 20, 2017   Last spring, a major component of "Autonomous Vehicles in AI" was for students to write software for driverless vehicles provided by AutonomouStuff.
Dr. Ben Raphael

Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Ben Raphael

September 20, 2017   On September 25, Dr. Ben Raphael will present his research on cancer genomics.
Teaching Assistant Professors Mattox Beckman and Geoffrey Herman

New grants are aimed at improving CS teaching tools

August 21, 2017   Teaching Professors Mattox Beckman and Geoffrey Herman have each been awarded campus grants funding pilot projects aimed at improving teaching tools and methods.
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

CS @ ILLINOIS team tests problem-solving skills at ICPC 2017

August 21, 2017   The CS @ ILLINOIS ACM ICPC team had its best finish at the World Finals since 2009, completing four problems.
Professor Sarita Adve

Sarita Adve Joins DARPA group that keeps an eye out for technological surprises, opportunities

August 21, 2017   Professor Sarita Adve joins DARPA's ISAT Study Group: 30 scientists and engineers who are helping to identify future directions for computer and communications research.

Gear Establishes Legacy Gift to CS

August 16, 2017   Bill Gear and his wife Ann Lee Morgan have established a bequest that will provide financial support to CS @ ILLINOIS students and/or faculty, depending on the future value of their residual estate. 
Professor Emeritus William Kubitz

Professor Emeritus and former Associate Department Head William Kubitz dies at 78

August 9, 2017   CS @ ILLINOIS is deeply saddened to note the passing of Professor Emeritus and former Associate Department Head William Kubitz.
CS Alumnus Shannon Chen

CS alumnus Shannon Chen receives SIGMM Outstanding PhD Thesis Award

August 1, 2017   Chen will be recognized at ACM Multimedia 2017 for his research advancing 3D tele-immersive technology.
Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson

Baker Award recognizes breadth and impact of Jacobson’s research

August 1, 2017   Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson has been honored with the David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award, recognizing his lifetime achievements in industrial engineering.
Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski pays it forward, impact doubled by Grainger Match

July 20, 2017   Marcin Kleczynski (BS CS ’12) has given a major donation to establish a named endowment supporting the Computer Science Visionary Scholarship Fund.
CS Assistant Professor Edgar Solomonik

Solomonik wins Householder Prize

July 19, 2017   Assistant Professor Edgar Solomonik was one of two winners of the Householder Prize XX, which recognizes the best dissertation in numerical linear algebra.
CS Ph.D. student Shadi Noghabi.

Noghabi wins Microsoft grant for underrepresented students

July 13, 2017   CS @ ILLINOIS doctoral student Shadi Noghabi is one of the 12 winners chosen from U.S. and Canadian universities for the new Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant program.
Professor Bill Gropp

Bill Gropp named NCSA Director

June 26, 2017   Professor Bill Gropp, the Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science, has been named Director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
CS Professor & CSL Director Klara Nahrstedt

Illinois researchers build Dropbox-like storage, analytical system for scientific data

June 22, 2017   Illinois researchers are looking to speed up the materials-to-device process through a novel framework called 4CeeD.

The Female Perspective: The Challenges and Triumphs of Being a CS Undergraduate

June 17, 2017   In the fall of 2016, CS @ ILLINOIS welcomed the most gender-diverse class of freshman in its history. What is the CS @ ILLINOIS undergraduate experience like?
The week-long Gems Computer Science Camp for Girls is designed to dazzle and delight middle and high school students by exposing them to the broad field of computing and its applications.

CS @ ILLINOIS Honored for Increasing Women’s Participation in Computing

May 22, 2017   CS @ ILLINOIS has received the $100,000 Grand Prize for the NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Award.
CS Affiliate Professor Haitham Al-Hassanieh

Professor Hassanieh honored with ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award

May 18, 2017   The ACM has awarded CS Affiliate Professor Haitham Al-Hassanieh the 2016 Doctoral Dissertation Award.
Interim CS Department Head Vikram Adve

Vikram Adve named Interim Head of CS @ ILLINOIS

May 16, 2017   CS Professor Vikram Adve will serve as the interim head of the Department of Computer Science until a permanent replacement can be chosen for departing Department Head Rob A. Rutenbar.
CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Study: Higher mass transit use associated with lower obesity rates

May 16, 2017   Using public health and transportation data, CS Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson and colleagues found that higher mass transit use is correlated with lower obesity rates.
Doctoral students Motahhare Eslami and Jingbo Shang have each won a Google PhD Fellowship.

Eslami, Shang win Google Fellowships

May 15, 2017   Doctoral students Motahhare Eslami and Jingbo Shang have each won a Google PhD Fellowship.