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A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Illinois CS alum and Monk's Hill Ventures Managing Partner Peng Ong

For This VC, Being An Investor Wasn’t An Obvious Career Choice

August 24, 2018  

TECH IN ASIA -- “I don’t know why, but I asked myself this question very early on: What is the purpose of my life? What can I do that will be meaningful? I realized that I’m a tech geek but I also like to work with people and build things like companies and teams," said Monk's Hill Ventures Managing Partner and Illinois CS graduate Peng Ong.

Incoming CS Department Head and Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering Nancy Amato

Amato Named Department Head At Illinois Computer Science

August 22, 2018  

Diverse Issues In Higher Education -- Nancy Amato was selected head of the Department of Computer Science and an Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois. Amato will be the first woman to lead the department.

CS student Ajay Shekar

Artificial Intelligence And Healthcare: The Role Of The Computer Scientist

August 21, 2018  

Smile Politely -- Ajay Shekar is a master's student in Computer Science working on applying machine-learning and deep-learning techniques on medical image datasets. He wants to create a tool that can help predict Parkinson’s Disease.


Assistant Professor Adam Bates

U of I Researchers Find, Fix Fitness App Security Flaws

August 20, 2018  

WAND-TV -- A team of computer science researchers at the University of Illinois, including Assistant Professor Adam Bates, uncovered security flaws in several fitness tracking apps and developed solutions.

Illinois CS Student Mrinaal Mittal

Wired In: Mrinaal Mittal

August 12, 2018  

The (Champaign) News-Gazette -- Meet Mrinaal Mittal, a University of Illinois senior pursuing degrees in, among other things, computer science, with minors in business and South Asian studies. He has already created several startups. "The best advice I have for others is what my father gave me ... don't be scared to fail."

CS Professor Saurabh Sinha

Mayo, University Of Illinois Tap Genomic Data With New Informatics Tool

August 8, 2018  

Health Data Management -- A newly developed tool combines different types of genomic data to predict patients’ responses to therapeutic drugs. The University of Illinois, including CS Professor and Willett Faculty Scholar Saurabh Sinha, worked with the Mayo Clinic to create a Center of Excellence to tap the wealth of information contained in genomic data.

Experts Warn Of New ‘Snail Mail’ Malware Attack That’s Surprisingly Effective

August 3, 2018  

MarketWatch -- A new threat to plant malware on computers comes via CDs sent through the mail, and the story cites a 2016 study conducted by researchers that included some from Illinois CS as evidence that people are surprisingly open to attacks you might not think would work.

MIT researcher and Illinois CS alum Mark Klein

The Future Role Of AI In Fact Checking

August 1, 2018  

betanews -- MIT researcher and Illinois CS alum Mark Klein (MS CS '86, PhD CS '90) says an AI fact-checker remains a long way off. "It's a much bigger problem than being able to parse the words, make a syntax tree, and use the standard Natural Language Processing approaches."

Illinois CS alum and Elastos Foundation Chairman Rong Chen

Origin Agritech Strengthens Its Board Of Directors

July 30, 2018  

Markets Insider -- Illinois CS alum and Elastos Foundation Chairman Rong Chen (MS CS '87) joins the board of agricultural biotechnology firm Origin Agritech Ltd.

Assistant Professor Adam Bates

Cybersecurity: Preventing Hackers From Achieving Their Goals

July 26, 2018  

Illinois Innovators podcast -- When you think cybersecurity, you’re probably thinking about measures to keep hackers out of your network. Illinois CS Assistant Professor Adam Bates is focused on next steps, after an attack begins.


CS Professor John C. Hart

Ivy League Degree for the Nontraditional Student

July 25, 2018  

Inside Higher Ed -- Coursera is expanding partnerships with traditional universities, this time its first Ivy League degree, at Penn. The degree follows the three master's degrees offered through Coursera by Illinois, where Professor John C. Hart says “people come to this degree for the Illinois brand.

YouTube co-founder and Google Entrepreneur in Residence Steve Chen

40 Under 40 Where Are They Now? Revisiting Ad Age's First 40-Under-40 List

July 24, 2018  

Ad Age -- The magazine revisits the members of its 2006 40-Under-40 list, which included YouTube co-founder and Illinois CS alum Steve Chen.


UI Awards $5 Million In 2nd Round Of 'Investment for Growth' Grants

July 23, 2018  

The News-Gazette -- New "Investment for Growth" grants will provide $5 million for 14 projects at the University of Illinois, among them three that involve CS: the Center for Smart Agriculture, the Illinois Center for Autonomy, and the Illinois Secondary Teacher Education and Computer Science Initiative. Also covered by WAND-TV.

Illinois AUV team leader and student Shubhankar Agarwal

UI Submarine Goes To National Competition

July 23, 2018  

WCIA-TV -- A submarine created by Illinois Computer Science students and other students from the College of Engineering is headed to a national competition. The autonomous submarine will compete in the International Robosub Competition in San Diego.

Monk’s Hill Ventures Managing Partner and Illinois CS alum Peng Ong

Why I Don't Invest In AI

July 21, 2018  

VentureBeat -- Monk’s Hill Ventures Managing Partner and Illinois CS alum (MS CS '88) Peng Ong writes that he doesn't invest in AI because "the capabilities of AI technology are often over-promised" and an important question is often overlooked: "What problem are they solving?"

CS Professor John C. Hart

UI Data Science Degree Sees Rise In Enrollment As Chance Of Employment Soars

July 20, 2018  

The Daily Illini -- Data science is growing rapidly, and some employers are using standardized testing to judge prospective employees’ data-science knowledge. “It’s perfectly fine for employers to have a test,” said John Hart, professor and director of online professional programs in CS.


Incoming CS Department Head and Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering Nancy Amato

Nancy Amato To Lead Illinois Computer Science

July 19, 2018  

The Chronicle of Higher Education -- Nancy Amato, a professor of computer science and engineering at Texas A&M University, will become head of computer science and a professor of engineering at the University of Illinois.

CS Associate Professor Matthew Caesar

Internal Documents Show How Amazon Scrambled To Fix Prime Day Glitches

July 19, 2018  

CNBC -- “More people came in than Amazon could handle,” Matthew Caesar, a computer science professor at the University of Illinois and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Veriflow, said. “And Amazon couldn’t use all the resources they had available because there was a bug or some other issue with their software."


Assistant Professor Mohammed El-Kebir

Method Revolutionizes Tracking The Spread Of Cancer

July 17, 2018  

The University Network --  A team of researchers led by Assistant Professor Mohammed El-Kebir has developed a new method to track the spread of cancer cells, yielding a clearer understanding of cancer migration than ever before. Their algorithm, called MACHINA, tracks the spread of cancer cells.

Incoming CS Department Head and Abel Bliss Professor of Engineering Nancy Amato

U of Illinois Names Alum, 1st Woman To Head Computer Science

July 15, 2018  

Chicago Tribune via AP -- The Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous others pick up coverage of Professor Nancy Amato being named the next Illinois CS department head.