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A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Tom Siebel

Billionaire Tom Siebel Now Offering Employees This Huge Perk

June 5, 2019  

Fox Business -- CEO Tom Siebel is offering employees some of the best education benefits of any company. will pay for employees to earn an online master’s degree in computer science from his alma mater, the University of Illinois. Also covered by The Daily Illini.

Vikram Sardana

UI's Chief Illiniwek Panel Finishes Work; Report Not Yet Made Public

June 5, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- A commission asked to lay the groundwork for a post-Chief Illiniwek future at the University of Illinois has wrapped up its work. "As we saw with the spring referendum on Alma Otter, the issue of a new mascot is an ongoing one," said Vikram Sardana, a former student senator who just graduated with a computer science degree.

Tom Siebel

Billionaire Tom Siebel Is Offering His Employees The Most Generous Education Benefit Ever

June 5, 2019  

Forbes -- Tom Siebel is announcing that his company,, will cover the cost for employees to earn a master’s degree in computer science from his alma mater, the University of Illinois. Those who complete the degree get three more big perks—a $25,000 cash bonus, a guaranteed 15 percent raise and a stock grant. Siebel, 66, got his own master’s in computer science from the highly ranked program at the U of I. 

Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science

U of I's State Funding a Match Made in Chicago

June 2, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- The state budget includes $500 million for the Discovery Partners Institute in Chicago, and the Urbana campus would get $100 million of that. That includes $20 million for an expansion of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science; and $15 million for expansion of the Research Park.

Symmetric Games CEO Dan Nikolaides

Symmetric Games CEO On Trends in Video Gaming

May 31, 2019  

WGN Radio -- Symmetric Games CEO Dan Nikolaides (BS CS ’05) talks with WGN radio’s Wintrust Business Lunch about the video gaming industry. "You see a lot more participation by young women. The advent of games on mobile phones, it's ... democratizing."

Professor Sarita Adve

Famous Female Alumni of IIT

May 19, 2019  

Yahoo News/NewsBytes -- Professor Sarita Adve makes a list of well-known and accomplished female graduates of the Indian Institutes of Technology. A graduate of IIT-Bombay, Adve, the Richard T. Cheng Professor of Computer Science, is No. 2 on the list.

Assistant Professor Bo Li

Scientists Help Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Hackers

May 14, 2019  

Science -- Researchers say they have found a new way to give AI a defensive edge against adversarial attacks based on patterns hidden in images. Bo Li, a computer scientist at the University of Illinois who was not involved in the work, says distinguishing apparent features from hidden features is a “useful and good research direction” but also still needs more work.

Associate Professor Derek Hoiem

Cultivation Leads $7.7 Million Investment In Construction Software Firm

May 14, 2019  

ChicagoInno -- Champaign-based startup Reconstruct raised a $7.7 million Series A round led by Cultivation Capital. Reconstruct was co-founded by Illinois CS Associate Professor Derek Hoiem. Also covered by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Assistant Professor Bo Li

AI Can Now Defend Itself Against Malicious Messages Hidden In Speech

May 10, 2019  

Nature -- Bo Li, a computer scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her co-authors wrote an algorithm that transcribes a full audio clip and, separately, just one portion of it. If the transcription of that single piece doesn’t closely match the corresponding part of the full transcription, the program throws a red flag — the sample might have been compromised.

Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen

Espresso Royale Location With Link To Mosaic Closing

May 2, 2019  

Smile Politely -- The Espresso Royale coffee shop on campus that closed in May was reportedly the site of a small-but-important piece of computer science history. Illinois CS alum Marc Andreessen has said it's the spot where he had the idea that he could create what would eventually become the Mosaic browser.

Online Education Provider Coursera Is Now Worth More Than $1 Billion

April 25, 2019  

Forbes -- Coursera, the seven-year-old online education provider, is worth more than $1 billion, according to CEO Jeff Maggioncalda. Coursera's offerings include 14 online masters degrees in computer science and other disciplines from schools like the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich

The Brave Browser Launches Ads that Reward Users for Viewing

April 24, 2019  

TechCrunch -- With the latest desktop version of the Brave browser, users can now opt-in to the Brave Ads program. Brave is an ad-blocking web browser startup led by Brendan Eich (MS CS '86), creator of the JavaScript programming language and former Mozilla CEO. He’s long maintained that the vision is “bigger than an ad blocker.”

CS Professor Grigore Rosu

Bootstrapping in Chicago

April 23, 2019  

ChicagoInno -- "Runtime Verification, founded in 2011 and based in Urbana, is building technology that identifies problems in a company’s software. Since launching, Runtime has grown only on revenue made from its business contracts. It now employs a team of 30."

Professor and Fulton Watson Copp Chair Emeritus

Stage Players: Michael and Mona Heath

April 23, 2019  

WTTW-TV -- Public TV in Chicago features a short video profile of “obsessive theatre-goers and philanthropists” Michael and Mona Heath.

Internet Browsers Became Mainstream 26 Years Ago Today

April 22, 2019  

Digit -- Today marks the 26th Anniversary of the 1.0 version of the Mosaic browser. The easiest way to explain Mosaic would be to say that it’s the great grandpappy of the browser you are using to read this story. Launched back in 1993, Mosaic was developed at the University of Illinois.

Facebook Invests $4M to Expand Computer Science Master’s Program

April 18, 2019  

Geekwire -- Facebook has invested $4.2 million to expand a Northeastern University computer science master’s program that helps people from other fields get into tech to the University of Illinois, Georgia Tech, and Columbia.

Finding a Home Base in Crisis With Anemone

April 16, 2019  

Smile Politely -- Illinois CS student Ananya Cleetus has developed an app, called Anemone, for helping people handle mental health issues. She says she is currently on leave but plans to return to school in the fall.

C3 Chairman and CEO Tom Siebel

Could Artificial Intelligence Save the Pentagon $15 Billion a Year?

April 15, 2019  

C4ISRNET -- After several years in which he turned down similar requests from the Chinese government, Pentagon representatives contacted Tom Siebel in 2015. Like their Chinese counterparts, US officials wanted help with artificial intelligence. Within six months, Siebel's C3 had demonstrated a reduction of as much as 28 percent of unscheduled maintenance events for the E-3 Sentry AWACS aircraft.

University of Illinois Lands a $100M Gift to Engineering School — Again

April 15, 2019  

Chicago Tribune -- The University of Illinois’ acclaimed College of Engineering has received a record $100 million gift and will be renamed the Grainger College of Engineering. Also covered by The Associated Press, Inside Higher Education

Lecturer Ryan Cunningham

Campus Conversation: Ryan Cunningham

April 10, 2019  

The News-Gazette/Campus Conversation podcast -- Lecturer Ryan Cunningham appears in an interesting conversation that touched on ethics in CS, how the department’s ethics courses regularly evolve to reflect current events, the impacts of social media, protecting privacy rights, and more. "If we're going to find out what privacy means in the digital age, the thing that we need to do is have a conversation about it."