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University of Illinois computer science Professor Emerita Geneva Belford died on March 4, 2014.
Heeren Receives Rose Award for Teaching Excellence
CS Lecturer Cinda Heeren received the 2014 Rose Award for Teaching Excellence.
Alumni Cohen and Taylor Serve as EOH Judges
CS alumni Ira Cohen and Ken Taylor served as judges at the 2014 Engineering Open House.
Muntasir Rahman
CS grad student Muntasir Rahman received a graduate fellowship with VMware for the 2014-2015 academic year.
LaValle Central to Oculus' $2 Billion Success
Working as head R&D scientist at Oculus, CS Professor Steve LaValle helped develop the Oculus VR as a commercial product.
50-10 celebration
In 2014 CS @ ILLINOIS celebrates its 50th year as a department and the 10th year of the Siebel Center.
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CS @ ILLINOIS has one of the top-ranked graduate computer science programs in the country, according to USNews
Digital Lab for Manufacturing
President Obama announced the Digital Lab for Manufacturing, an applied research institute in Chicago.
William Gropp
William Gropp received the SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing (SIAG/SC) Career Prize.
Speeding up 3-D video for computers
Jungwook Choi and Rob A. Rutenbar have demonstrated one of the fastest video-rate implementations for 3-D computer vision.
Brighten Godfrey
CS Assistant Professor Brighten Godfrey was awarded a 2014 Sloan Research Fellowship.
Yahoo ground breaking
Ground was broken in early February on the site of a new building in the Research Park for Yahoo.
Lawrence Angrave MOOC
Lawrence Angrave has completed teaching the first MOOC on developing apps for the Android platform.
Chicago Creative Space video
Six CS @ ILLINOIS students give their take on the Chicago tech scene.
Eric Rosen will attend Final Four for collegiate chess
CS student Eric Rosen is part of the Illini Chess Team that will attend the Final Four for collegiate chess.
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William Gropp was one of 12 University of Illinois faculty members to be selected as a Blue Waters Professor.
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The “Big Data” movement will harness the power of supercomputers to draw insights from massive amounts of information
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A company founded by Sam King, Shuo Tang, and Murph Finnicum has made strong passwords more secure and easy to use.
Dave Paola and Roshan Choxi
Founded by Illinois alumni, Bloc provides a 12-week program to teach the fundamentals of web design and development.
Four Illinois women named Rising Stars
Four Illinois students were among 40 elite women invited to the Rising Stars of EECS workshop at MIT.