Dunn Systems Undergraduate Scholarship

Bill Dunn earned his BS in 1986 and MS in 1987 in computer science from the University of Illinois. He established the Dunn Systems Scholarship in honor of his father Arthur R. Dunn. After a brief time at Bell Laboratories, Dunn started Dunn Systems in 1988 and continues to serve as president. The consulting company, now called Dunn Solutions Group, is located in Skokie, Illinois. The winners of this scholarship are chosen based on academic merit and an essay submission.

Past Winners

2015-2016 Briana Chapman
2014-2015 Yifan Wang
Dmitriy Zavelevich
2013-2014 Kurtis Houdek
Eric Mills
2012-2013 Michael Sittig
2011-2012 Roman Dudko
2010-2011 William Setchell
2009-2010 Shikha Pandey